Add functionality to the Jeep tailgate

By the staff of Trucks & Guns Magazine

The Jeep JK tailgate can hold a lot of weight but the inside of the tailgate is empty and begging for something to be attached to it. It is a blank space for endless possibilities of attachments. Many people add axes, shovels, and first aid packs to their tailgates, which is great, but what if you could get even more out of that space? What if you could have a drop-down table for a workspace or cooking, and still attach any items you might want? Take a look at what Warrior Products has come up with to fill that blank space on the Jeep JK tailgate.

Warrior Products (, 888-220-6861) has built a storage unit that uses a P.A.L.S system with MOLLE straps to attach bags and accessories to it. This gives you 23” x 13” of surface area to attach anything you need easy access to. On the side of the unit there are two butterfly latches that will allow the table to drop down. This is a perfect work area for an endless number of tasks including cooking, loading magazines, fixing parts, and so on. With the table folded down it reveals another P.A.L.S system area that can hold anything that is less than 4½ inches deep. The inner P.A.L.S system panel is attached using wing nuts for easy removal if you need to transport that panel to another location. It also has two small shelves that will allow you to attach items that do not have MOLLE straps. The shelves will hold the items up and you can simply strap them to the back. Warrior Products provide two long tie straps to help attach items that are resting on the shelves. There is also an area on the side of the unit to attach items, making it fully customizable to fit your needs.

The Warrior Product Tailgate Table Storage unit is framed with steel that is powder coated and the P.A.L.S panels are lightweight aluminum. It uses load-bearing hinges to allow the table to function without limit straps. Built with the well-known precision of Warrior Products, it fits together tight, minimizing any noises from vibration. So far the only movement noise we have heard are from items we have attached to it. You must drill eight holes into your tailgate to attach the unit to the tailgate, but the functionality gained from drilling those holes is very much worth it. At the end of the day, it is a Jeep and you should modify it to fit your needs – and the Warrior Product Tailgate Table Storage will allow you make use of some dead space.

The Warrior Product Tailgate Table Storage brings a lot of functionality to your Jeep tailgate with so much customization to fit your needs, giving you a workspace that is always ready and easily available. It is super easy to install, and only took about 30 minutes including grabbing tools. Guess what? If you do not own a Jeep, this unit could mount to any flat surface only limited by your imagination. It is, of course, designed for the Jeep JK, but it could be adapted to other applications easily. Check out for more information on all their offroad products.

This is how the Warrior Product Tailgate Table Storage comes out of the box, mostly assembled and ready to mount.

Making out the holes is the hardest part of the installation. Do not feel bad about drilling into your Jeep, especially if you bought it to use it and modify it.

We drilled two holes in the top and put the screws in halfway then double-checked our marks on the other holes before drilling all eight.

The screws are simple self-taping sheet metal screws and Warrior Products includes washers with them.

Done! The install is so simple. Mark holes, drill holes, attached, bolt on panels. As you can see the panels are different but they can be mounted in either location.

The butterfly latches on the side of the table lay flat when not in use and hold the table secure even on the roughest terrain. You can also see that there are more attachment points on the side for small items.

The possibilities of attachments to the tailgate are now endless.

Perfect cooking area, work area, or just easy access to your gear. This is a must have for every Jeep owner.