Every tool for emergency survival, in the palm of your hand

By Ben Crockett

Consolidation; that is what survival is all about. Consolidate your needs, consolidate your priorities, consolidate your gear, let simmer for a few minutes to reduce and you have what it takes for survival. In day-to-day life, we “need” to get a cup of coffee, check our Facebook status, get some gas and a million other things but in a survival situation, you simply NEED food, water, safe shelter, hopefully, comes rescue.
In spite of having your needs and priorities straight, the chances of finding yourself in a survival situation are very slim, so lose the double bitted axe, Paul Bunyan. Compile the gear that you require to provide for your needs and then ensure it is represented in its leanest functional form. That form, if you haven’t died of exposure yet, is the VSSL Supplies Tube.

Creating your own survival kit isn’t necessarily a tough process but even the best of minds will forget something or forget to replace something they needed in a non-survival pinch. Then when it comes to keeping all of that stuff together, accessible and safe from the elements. The self-made kits often fall short and falling short in a survival situation can often mean life or death. This is why VSSL created their supplies tube.

Lean and simple at a glance, it is consolidated and prioritized to suit your survival needs. At just over a pound, 2” in diameter and only 9” long, it will pack away in most survival packs or tuck into the glove box of any car with ease while taking the place of 16 individual survival items and improvising for dozens more. Most commonly used and easiest to access are the super bright, dual mode flood light flashlight and SOS flasher and on the flip side, an oil filled compass. Open either side of the waterproof canister and you will gain access to a bevy of individual, water resistant tool tins. These include trail marker tacks, a whistle, basic fishing tackle including: line, weights, lures, hooks and swivels along with a 60lb working strength wire saw with handles, a razor blade, 250lb breaking strength rope, a can opener, water purification tabs, matches, fire starters, a strike patch, mirror, a four hour candle, basic first aid, including painkillers and bandaging tools.

For me, it was a little tough to get my head around how thorough and well thought out the VSSL supply tube was until I sat in the woods and started running through survival scenarios. Much more than just a hip looking tool, there isn’t a location, other than open water, that the VSSL Supplies Tube can’t vastly improve your chances of survival. For the trained survivalist, the Supplies Tube borders on luxury living and means to survival, while for the ordinary person, stuck in an extraordinary situation, it is a baseline for survival.

What might we add? Well, there’s not room for many extras but if you like to play it safe there is room for a few extra matches or as we have seen a few people who have really bad vision add a single prescription lens from their glasses could also be squeezed in. Along with being the obvious visual aid it can be wrapped tightly in ones hands, concave side down and used to trap air for a goggle effect under water or applied as a monocle if you want your rescuers to believe they just saved the Monopoly man.
Addressing Instagram concerns and comments, a quick eye will note the inability to shine the light to the opposing compass for night navigation but being two steps ahead, both the light and compass are removable for joint or individual use. Outside of the obvious, the supplies canisters can be removed, along with the candle, flashlight and the cylinder itself can be used as a cup. Perfect when paired with the purification tablets. The only downside is with a compass on one end and a flashlight at the other, it’s not ideal for boiling water in. Be it for drinking or first aid, without subjecting and possibly sacrificing the compass or flashlight to the heat. That said, this is a tool designed for short-term survival, not eternal and it provides on those terms with flying colors.
Along with the popular Supplies VSSL unit ($110), they also offer cylinders with a pure focus on first aid ($67) or shelter ($60), as well as zombie spearing spikes ($65), or the extremely popular Flask VSSL ($73), which houses a can opener, two shot-sized cups, 10oz of your favorite beverage and still includes the compass and flashlight in case you want to pretend you are just lost at the concert, not smuggling in contraband. Like the idea but want to stuff your own VSSL? They offer blanks as well for $46 that you can fill to suit your specific needs. In short, a great product and cheap insurance for any situation that could lead to a need for survival. www.vsslgear.com

The two most used items are conveniently located on each end of the VSSL.

This small tube packs a surprising amount of items that can save your life in many situations.

Being ready for any situation is important and the VSSL gives you small easy to carry package that will allow you handle anything mother nature and through at you.