Carry all day, every day in superior comfort

By the staff of Trucks & Guns Magazine

Carrying concealed every day on your hip can get quite uncomfortable and awkward at times. Especially if you are sitting down or driving often throughout the day. We still often order and try different holsters from every brand name, just to feel those subtle differences that we may or may not like. You never know what little detail will make the difference for you. Sometimes you just need to look outside the box a little of conventional hip holsters and try to carry a different way. We recently got our hands on an Undertech Undercover Compression Concealment t-shirt that carries your firearm under your arm. We have tried those complex under arm holsters that have clips and straps going every direction and we were not a fan. So we were not sure how we were going to like carrying under the arm with the Undertech Undercover, but as it turns out what we did not like about the traditional underarm holsters was the fitment and straps. With the Undertech Undercover Compression Concealment t-shirt, the firearm is supported 360 degrees by the fabric, providing a very secure and comfortable holster.

The Undertech Undercover Compression Concealment t-shirt is without a doubt the most comfortable concealment setup we have ever tried on. You can just barely feel the firearm against your body and not once did it bother us even after a long day on the job. The compression fabric is designed to be form fitting. It is a four-way stretchy material making it fit tight but not constricting your movement. You wear it just like any other undershirt but this undershirt allows you to carry your firearm. One of the best parts about this way of carrying is when seated, your holster will not become awkward like standard hip holsters. It’s made of a MicroPoly and Lycra blend material that will wick moister away from the body and help keep you cool. This makes it perfect for any weather condition since it acts like a second skin for your body. The materials that Undertech Undercover uses are really the key to their success in making a very comfortable and secure carrying holster.

The firearm is secured using a large thick piece of elastic allowing it to fit almost any full-sized or compact pistol. The Undertech Undercover Compression Concealment t-shirts are ambidextrous with holsters on both sides of the garment and both sides have a divider for an extra magazine. With the snug fit of the shirt, the firearms are supported throughout your body, allowing for minimal movement. Their motto is “Don’t carry, wear your firearm.” With simple elastic holding your firearm against your body we thought the weapon would easily slip out during the day or if bending over to pick up an item. This was not the case at all, even when running the firearm stayed secure in the elastic holster. The shirt does have retainer straps with a quick clip for extra security but we found them to be unneeded. When it is time to draw you simply unbutton or lift up your over garment, grip your firearm securely and draw. This holster is not built for speed, but it is built too deep conceal carry in any clothing comfortably. One big advantage is when in the seated position it allows for a much more fluid draw than standard hip holsters.

With the Undertech Undercover Compression Concealment t-shirt, you can conceal carry your firearm in any situation, in any outfit. It works best with a button up shirt, but it is also very easy to draw with any pull over shirt. The firearm is sucked in tight against your body fitting under all types of garments without leaving a bulge. Your arm itself also provides coverage of any slight indents that may be made by the firearm. You no longer need to worry about wearing a belt, or how to clip a holster to your pants. Just a comfortable undershirt that will hold your firearm against your body.

The Undertech Undercover Compression Concealment line is available in V-necks, tank tops, crew neck, and long sleeve crew neck. All are available in black or white with the same comfort and secure carrying. It is $59.99 for the short sleeve and tank top and $69.95 for the long sleeve. Learn more at

When your over garment is on there is no telling that you are carrying a firearm. Even full sized pistols are easily concealed with the Undertech Undercover Compression Concealment t-shirt.

As you can see here the firearm is held tight and secure against your body.

We found the retention straps to be unneeded but they are there if you do a lot of cartwheels at your job.

The large elastic holsters on both sides of the shirt allow most any firearm with accessories to be concealed.

The rear large holster is for your firearms and the retention strap is there if you want a little extra security. The front pocket can be used for an extra magazine or other items. This is on both sides of the shirt so you can have your firearm on one side and use the other side for things like a passport or wallet.

The Undertech Undercover Compression Concealment shirts are very high quality, made with MicroPoly and Lycra blend material that has double stitched seams.

We thought for sure that the simplicity of the holster would cause the firearm to feel unsecured and possibly fall out. We were very wrong; as you can see even when bending over to pick up items off the ground the firearm stays secure in its holster. Running with a firearm in this holster was also not an issue.

Even with an extra magazine the shirt is comfortable for all day, every day carry. We attached the retention strap in these photos to show how it works. It uses a simple hook to attach to a clip.

When it is time to draw, simply unbutton your shirt, reach in, grab your firearm securely and draw. If you are wearing a pull over shirt do the same but lift up your shirt instead. This is not a speed draw way to carry your firearm but it is a deep concealment and very comfortable way to carry all day long. Also, do not misunderstand; with practice, you can still draw your firearm quickly with the Undertech Undercover Compression Concealment shirts.

The Undertech Undercover Compression Concealment shirts allow you to carry concealed all day long with no limits to your movement for comfort.