Get on target in any lighting condition

By Joel Moranton

No matter what type of shooting you have your shotgun set up for, a TruGlo sight will improve your shooting experience. The fiber optic sight gathers all of the available light and focuses it into one point, giving you a highly visible point of reference. This allows you to focus on your target and quickly bring the firearm on target. Most of TruGlo shotgun sights are right around $20 and they have many different styles available to fit your personal preference.
We decided to try out two different styles of the TruGlo ( sights, The Glo Dot II and the Fat Bead Dual Color. Both provide massive improvement over standard sights. Shooting clays with both sights decreased the time it took us to get on target. The Glo Dot II we put on our home defense shotgun, and turned off most of the lights in the house. In the low light the TruGlo sight still glowed bright enough for us to be confident that we can get on our target.
Installation was easy and took only a few minutes. The Fat Bead screws into the original sight hole and TruGlo has most thread pitches available for different shotgun manufacturers. The Glo Dot II is universal and simply snaps in place on most smooth barrels. They are both made of durable plastic and highly visible fiber optics to give you a reliable bright sight.
The TruGlo sights are a no-brainer. For right around $20 you can improve your sight quality and if for some reason you do not like them they remove just as easily as they install. We have taken our Mossberg 500 to the range on several occasions and allowed all of our editors and range employees to try out the sights for themselves. Not one person disliked these sights, and they all said about the same thing about them. “I really like that sight, it is a major improvement over factory sights”. Check out their full line at



We tested out two different style sights on our Mossberg 500 the Glo Dot II and the Fat Bead Dual Color.

For the Fat Bead you will need to remove the factory peep sight, a simple pair of pliers will allow you to unscrew the original sight.

Make sure you use a little thread lock when installing the Fat Bead on your firearm.

Fat Bead is installed and ready to go.

The universal Glo Dot II sight simply pops on and off.

With the Glo Dot II sight you can see the notch that lines up the Glo Dot II using the original sight.

Looking down the barrel it is easy to see the advantages of the TruGlo sights.

We took our Fat Bead to our local trap shooting course to give them a try.

It did not take us long to fall in love with the new sight.

Same with the Glo Dot II, on the course improved our time to get on target. We put the sights on a few of our fellow trap shooters’ shotguns that we just met that day. They all really enjoyed shooting with the brighter sight, allowing them to focus on the target and bring the firearm on target quicker.

Profile view of the Fat Bead

Looking down the barrel with the Fat Bead on the end you can see how it stands out.

Red and Green Glo Dot II side by side in low light; neither is better than the other, it is a matter of personal preference.

On our tactical home defense short barrel Mossberg 500 the Glo Dot II sights stood out again.

Here is the red Glo Dot II in a lower light situation, going from outside to inside a building.

Inside the green version of the Glo Dot II, gave us the confidence to know we could quickly get on target in any light situation.