Unlimited customization options

By the staff of Trucks & Guns Magazine

The AR platform can be configured in a million different ways. Most ARs will never see more action then weekend range shooting, and the amount of accessories you can attach to an AR makes it super popular with consumers. There are literally hundreds different attachments and colored do-hickies that do nothing but weigh them down & look “tacticool”. For law enforcement members, however, the AR platform is a tool that needs to function reliably. They need something simple & light with only the tactical attachments that are needed to get the job done.

This model is the SnG Arms Edition X7 Operator, designed with the professional operator in mind. It is light weight, durable and modular for various law enforcement applications. The Keymod rail system allows for light, laser & optics mounting depending on the operators situation. Single point sling compatibility for tactical applications allows the firearm to lay flat against the body. The M4 Barrel is tuff enough for the most demanding, high intensity engagements and the 1:7″ twist will handle heavy grain loads.

This platform runs completely oil free. The receiver dissipates heat and run at a very low friction coefficient allowing the components to run cooler without oil and dirt buildup. Since the friction and heat are kept to a minimum internal components last longer and operate better. The Nickle Boron Coating on the BCG helps the action function freely without the need for additional lubrication. All in all, the firearm will run longer and last longer with minimal cleaning and maintenance. With no oil needed there is little carbon build up because there is nothing for it to stick to and any powder debris or dirt will be expelled through the breach by the gas system. SnG has test rifles running over 50,000 rounds with limited wear. They achieve this “oil free” rifle by using a combination of Cerokote, Nickle Boron & Nitride anti-friction & corrosion coatings.

Weight is very important when running demanding tactical scenarios. The SnG Arms X7 is the perfect marriage of weight and durability. The SnG Arms Operator starts on the KSP US X7 Receiver which weighs in at only 10.7 ounces. Saving the weight in the receivers allows the use of a military grade 4140 Steel M4 Barrel ensuring reliable function in the most demanding situations. The 4140 Steel Micro Gas Block is Light weight yet strong for a long service life yet adding only minimal weight. Aluminum micro blocks were originally tested but failed to offer the reliability or longevity required for an operators weapon. The RKM Keymod Freefloat rail offers a sturdy platform for all optics mounting needs as well as a heat shield for high rates of fire. Another weight saving feature is the MFT Minimalist stock. This stock tested out incredibly strong while only weighing 6 ounces. All told the entire rifle weight in at a lean 5lb 10oz.

The testing of the SnG Arms Operator was rigorous. First, range tested for reliability, then field tested during tactical drills by South Tucson Police Department and Santa Cruz, AZ Sheriffs, and finally put though various fire tests by KSP US and SnG Tactcial. The first reported failure was at 31,500 rounds. The gas rings finally gave out! This far exceeded the life expectancy of the rings, and frankly the life expectance of the gas system. The SnG Arms test rifles have made appearances at many shooting events including the SHOT SHOW and Shock Wave in the Desert and is always a crowd pleaser. Most people are surprised at the low recoil that this lightweight platform offers and everyone is amazed by the “oil-free” function.

This is only a “stock” example of the SnG Arms Operator. The platform can be customized in unlimited ways to accommodate any user or application. They are build in house at SnG Tactical Tucson AZ.

SnG Tactical X7 Operator AR 15

SnG Arms manufacturers the X7 platform AR, they will then take their X7 AR and out fit it for any scenario. This is their X7 Operator edition, that is made to be a little weight work horse.

SnG Tactical X7 Operator AR 15

This is an “oil free” AR, a combination of Cerokote, Nickle Boron & Nitride anti-friction coatings are used to dissipate heat. This allows the rifle to run oil free meaning that dirt and carbon will not build-up as easily.


Lower: SnG Arms Edition KSP US X7

Trigger: ELF Match Adjustable Drop In Trigger 2.5-4 lb “in-Weapon” adjustable

Detents & Springs: CMMG Mil-Spec

Takedown Pins: Extended Quick Pull Take-Down Pin with Ring

Safety Selector: CMMG Mil-Spec

Bolt Catch: CMMG Mil-Sepc

Magazine Release: CMMG Mil-Spec

Upper: SnG Arms Edition KSP US X7

Muzzle Brake: YHM Phantom

Barrel: ER Shaw 1:7 twist 5.56mm M4 Contour 4140 steel with Nitride Salt Bath Treatment

Gas Block: YHM 4140 Steel Micro Gas Block

Gas Tube: CMMG Standard Carbine Tube

Hand-guard: RKM KeyMOD 14.25″ Free Float

Barrel Nut: RKM proprietary to the Free Float Rail

Dust Cover: Proprietary KSP US Dust Cover


Stock: Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock

Buffer Tube: Bravo Company Mil-Spec Buffer Tube

Buffer Spring: Bravo Company Carbine Buffer Spring

Buffer: 3oz Bravo Company Carbine Buffer

Sling Adapter: TX3 Sling Plate with Built in Magnetic Take-Down/Pivot Pin punch

Pistol Grip: Mission First Tactical Engage Grip

Bolt: SMI MPI Tested Carpenter Steel NibX Coating

Carrier: SMI NibX Coating M16 Carrier

Charging Handle: Core-15 Billet Charging handle

Extended Latch: Core –15 extended Steel Latch

Front Sights: Magpul Mbus

Rear Sights: Magpul Mbus

Magazine Magpul Pmag 30rd

SnG Tactical X7 Operator AR 15

Sights are Magpul Mbus, mounted on a Keymod rail system allowing the operator to also mount the other needed accessories to get the job done.

SnG Tactical X7 Operator AR 15

The X7 Operator is designed for the professional operator, the rifle is light weight and modular to allow law enforcement to carry it in any situation.


Safety with firearms is the absolute top priority. Trucks & Guns magazine reminds you to always be safe and always obey firearms safety rules.

• Treat every gun as it were loaded.

• Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

• Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.

• Be aware of your target’s foreground and background.

SnG Tactical X7 Operator AR 15

The TX3 Sling Plate allows for single point slings to allow the firearm to lay flat against your body. It also has a built in magnetic Take-Down/Pivot Pin punch.

SnG Tactical X7 Operator AR 15

This SnG Tactical AR uses a SMI MPI Tested Carpenter Steel NibX Coating bolt and Core-15 Billet Charging handle.

SnG Tactical X7 Operator AR 15

YHM Phantom muzzle brake.

SnG Tactical X7 Operator AR 15

The SnG Arms Operator starts on the KSP US X7 Receiver which weighs in at only 10.7 ounces. In this configuration the rifle only weights 5lb 10oz.

SnG Tactical X7 Operator AR 15

Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock only weighs 6oz, but is tough enough to handle anything.

SnG Tactical X7 Operator AR 15

The trigger is an ELF Match Adjustable Drop in Trigger that can be adjusted in the rifle from 2.5-4 lbs.

SnG Tactical X7 Operator AR 15

Simplicity, and lightweight but still adaptable for anything allows the SnG Arms Operator Edition to be the perfect law-enforcement AR platform.