Cut down anything in your path without dropping your knife

By The Staff of Trucks & Guns Magazine

This knife first caught our attention with the sound of it ripping through an ammo can at a gun show. Not even sure what the sound was at first, we investigated it and found us at the Slysteel ( booth. It did not take long for us to see the advantages to this unique knife design that Slysteel has come up with. The large wide blade with a closed handle design has endless applications. They make two versions of the knife, the Hunter that is more rounded and the Tactical that has sharper angles. As soon as he said it was also made in the United States, we decided to shell out the $230 to get a Shark Tooth Tactical knife with Kydex molded sheath.
The knife is designed by Slysteel and manufactured by TOPS Knives, a well-known quality knife manufacturer. Made of 3/16” thick 1095 high carbon alloy steel, this unique knife has an overall length of 10 ½ inches with a blade length of 4 ½ inches, weighing in at 13 ounces. The Split Finger Guard is a closed handle design with a single hole for one finger and a larger hole for your other three fingers gives the Shark Tooth knife a long list of advantages. The Tactical version is designed to concentrate your stabbing power on the point of the knife, allowing you to pierce sheet metal. Slicing through fabrics is also done with ease because of the angle of the blade but because of this if you are using it for hunting and field dressing animals you will enjoy the Hunter version more for that. The back of the knife features a pry bar edge that is not only helpful for prying open items but is great for breaking glass. The blade is hardened in zones, allowing the knife to have a sharp edge with great edge retention but still allowing the steel to flex instead of cracking.
The blade is available in non-serrated or serrated, if you are fan of the serrated like we got, the serrations are cut differently than most knives. The way they are cut into the blade allows you to sharpen them the same way you would the rest of the blade. The handle is a simple design made of Micarta, which is a fiber composite that is soaked in resin and formed under high pressure. The Kydex molded sheath is included with both Shark Tooth knives and is designed to allow the knife to click into the sheath. This gives the knife just enough resistance in the sheath to not allow it to fall out and you just need to push with your thumb against the knife to allow the knife to release with ease.
When we brought this knife into an editor meeting there were some initial mixed reviews because of its size and shape. Some of our editors thought it was just another “Tacti-cool” thing. It was not until they started to use it in real world situations that they changed their minds. Yes, the Shark Tooth knife is not like any other knife on the market and some fear change. Each element on this knife was designed to improve the functionality. This is a workhorse knife, not the knife you keep on your desk and just look at. This is the knife you want in your truck, in your bug out bag, attached to your tactical vest. You are going to beat the crap out of this knife and use it for years. The size does make it difficult for daily carry but you will want to keep it at easy access. Chopping wood is surprisingly easy with this blade, either using it like a hatchet or batoning (hitting the spine of the knife with another piece of wood.) The 3/16” steel makes it a great wedge as the wood splits. With how wide the blade is, it really allows you to beat the knife and pry the wood apart without fear of breaking the knife. Cutting up tarps or other fabrics for building shelters, making rope or making a sweet pair of cut off jeans, the Shark Tooth will have no problem. The Shark Tooth makes those “As Seen on TV” window glass breakers look like children’s toys. However you use the Shark Tooth the Split Finger hand guard will allow you to pick up other items without dropping the knife. This design also will not allow the knife to slip out of your hand, not to mention protecting your hand. In a survival situation the hand guard makes it easy to adapt into a spear for hunting or fishing. It just needs to be a big fish or it will get cut it in half!
We are sure we do not need to go to in-depth of how this knife fits into the tactical world. If you were to get into a close combat knife fight, the Split Finger hand guard will make it very difficult for the knife to be knocked out of your hand, allowing you to get pushed to the ground or taking a hard hit to your hand without losing your weapon. With the design of the knife focusing your power on the points you can easily stab through dry wall, punch into thin doors and puncture sheet metal. Breaking modern automobile glass is not a problem with the Shark Tooth on your side. Our military editors were all over this knife and they all have ordered one for their own uses.
The Shark Tooth knife design stands out for many reasons and should not be glossed over. You should heavily consider adding this knife into your arsenal. You can use this knife in any outdoors situation; keep it handy in your truck or backpack. We guarantee you will enjoy using it and you will use it more than you would think. The size and weight makes it perfect for cutting and prying. The safety that is proved because of the Split Finger design handle is a huge advantage and also gives more control over the knife. This is a knife that will last for years to come.


One of the major advantages to the Slysteel Shark Tooth knife is that you can hold onto it while performing other tasks, like firing your pistol, although we could not find a comfortable way to hold the knife in our primary hand and fire the pistol.

The back of the knife has a small pry bar tip that is great for breaking glass. The thick 3/16” steel allows you to pry on the knife without worry of it breaking.

The tactical version of the Shark Tool has no problem penetrating sheet metal. This is an old truck door we have in the scrap metal pile. The design of the knife focuses your energy on the tip of the knife for maximum penetration.

The large opening in the handle allows the knife to be used even with gloves on. The guard also helps keeps your hand safe when chopping wood or breaking glass.

The serrations are cut into the blade at the same angle as the rest of the blade allowing them to be sharpened at the same time as the rest of the blade.

Breaking through glass, cutting into sheet metal, skinning a bear…what else could you really want from a knife?

Each knife includes a Kydex molded sheath. The knife fits tight into the sheath but you must apply a little bit of pressure with your thumb against the sheath to allow the knife to come out. This allows you to hang the knife upside down on your tactical vest or backpack.

The handle is made of Micarta and there are groves on the top of the blade for your thumb. The sharp angles of the blade allows for deep penetration when stabbing and cutting. The Hunter version on the Shark Tooth has a curved blade that is better for precision cutting and is better for field dressing.

The SlySteel Shark Tooth knife works great as a hatch. The size and weight of the knife makes hacking away at a branch easy and the handle designs keeps the knife firm in your hand.

Batoning with the Shark Tooth is also made easy with the width of the blading helping to separate the two halves of the wood.

You can easily chop up firewood and gather branches with the Shark Tooth and not even put down the knife because the spilt handle design allows you to grab and hold other items with out putting down the knife.