About these products in general:

– Our smallest hard-cover notebooks are tough in the field, presentable in the office, and compact enough to tuck into your back pocket.  Water-resistant and extremely durable, these books can endure a hard day’s work outdoors.  Through rain, snow, sweat, and mud, all Rite in the Rain paper will persevere to protect your notes from the worst conditions.  Additionally, our paper is archival-grade, meaning that your notebooks will remain legible even after long-term storage.

About us in general:

– Since 1916, we’ve stuck to making all-weather writing products.  Even after 100 years, our promise remains the same: what you write on Rite in the Rain will survive bad weather and the test of time.  Through rain, sweat, mud, grease, oil, rain, snow, and even years in storage, your notes on Rite in the Rain will be safe and legible.

Our products are guaranteed to perform in rough conditions.  Our products are sustainably sourced, made in America, and are completely recyclable.  Used by outdoor professionals around the world, our products have a longstanding legacy for peerless toughness and reliability.

Rite in the Rain – Defying Mother Nature since 1916.

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Rite in the Rain

Rite in the Rain