No more dead batteries

By the staff of Trucks & Guns Magazine

How many times have you gone out to the range only to find that your battery powered hearing protection was left on and now has dead batteries? Not really the end of the world, but it is annoying. Well, what if there was a set of hearing protection that would allow you to hear normal volume tones like speech but block out high decibel (DB) sounds, without batteries? Guess what, there is and we are going to show you them right now. The Otis Technology Ear Shields block out gunfire and other high DB sound while still allowing low DB sound to enter the ears.

The Ear Shield uses sound reduction chambers to reduce DB levels without the use of electronics. Just like water and electricity, sound waves travel the path of least resistance. High DB sound waves get diverted through the sound reduction chambers while low DB sounds pass through easier. If you could see sound waves, high DB waves are larger and closer together so they get trapped and bounce around in the sound reduction chambers, reducing the overall DB levels. As you would expect low DBs are the opposite: longer, smaller waves that pass through the chambers easier, reducing their sound levels much less. The end result is that you can hear low DB sound almost unmodified and high DB sound are reduced to safe levels.

The Otis Technology Ear Shields have more advantages then just not requiring batteries. They are also much lighter in weight than standard ear muffs, allowing them to fit more comfortably for longer periods of time. On hot days they do not sit against your skin building up sweat, they fit out away from your face. This is also great for eye protection, no longer will you have your hearing protection pushing your glasses into the side of your head. The low profile design of the Ear Shields means that they will not interfere with cheek wells when shooting long rifles. They are adjustable to fit any size shooter, and they work great, available in two different DB reduction levels, 26 DB and 31 DB.

Compact, folds up small, more comfortable than large ear muffs and are under $25? You can’t go wrong. Our first thoughts were they felt fragile but the plastic they use is actually very durable. We have been using them exclusively and heavily for over six months now and have not had any issues. If they did break they are priced so well that picking up another set is not going to break the bank. They allow us to hear normal conversations without removing the ear muffs and reduce high DB sounds to a comfortable level with no electronics is great. We will be using these for a long time.

The Otis Technology Ear Shields are perfect for all types of shooting sports and hunting. They allow you to hear normal tone sounds almost unfiltered, meaning you do not need to keep taking them off to hear your buddy talking to you. You can hear range commands clearly, while protecting your ears from high DB sounds.

At the end of the Ear Shields are soft foam pads, once you have fit them into your ear it is very easy to forget you have the Ear Shields on.

Very lightweight and being able to hear normal tones, we put the Ear Shield on when we get on the range and do not take them off until we leave the range. With the larger hearing protection we are often removing and putting back on our hearing protection.

The top piece has two sliders allowing you to adjust the size to fit them comfortably over your hat. No batteries, just natural noise filtration. Normal tones pass through the chambers with ease while high tones bounce around in the chamber before passing to the ears.

The Otis Technology Ear Shields easily fold up for transport and are surprisingly robust. We have not been gentle with our set, just throwing them into the bottom of our gear bags and they have handled everything.

One of the other great features of the Otis Technology Ear Shields is that they sit away from your head. This does two things for you, one; it does not interfere with your glasses and two; it does not make you sweat under your hearing protection.