LYNX Hooks Systems

Securing stuff in your pickup bed? Strapping a tarp over a load? With bungee cords, that’s going to be frustrating. Bungee cords are never the right length, and if a flapping tarp doesn’t drive you nuts, a scratched-up paint job will. Not to mention the eye injuries you could sustain if the darned things fail while you’re stretching them. Everybody knows somebody who’s been there.

LYNX Hooks Systems’ patented gear straps relieve the frustration, and risk, of fastening stuff down. Like a bungee cord, they’ve got stretch. But the stretch of a LYNX Hooks gear strap is from a hank of solid, UV-resistant, jacketed rubber, not strands of rubber band, and not exposed natural rubber that starts breaking down before you get it out of the store. And, each strap has a non-stretchy adjustability section, so it can be as short as 19 inches, as long as 45 inches, or any length in between.

No more need to overstretch a bungee cord to strap your stuff down (and risk losing an eyeball). LYNX straps can be hooked up loosely, then tightened down, to exactly the right tension.

What if you need a strap that’s longer than 45 inches (like to reach from one end of your pickup bed to the other)? LYNX Hooks actually snap together, and stay together, until you release them. Lock two or more straps together for exactly the length you need.

Even cooler: Snap the hooks into a cluster, building a simple cargo net right on your cargo.

Finally. A top-quality, convertible strapping system designed to work with you, so you’ll never again have to waste time strapping stuff down.

A pair of straps is $24.99, and there are some accessories that add even more versatility.

Available online at, where first-time orders get 10% off.