It is all too often that we overhear someone telling their buddy about how they just lifted their truck or are getting ready to and all we hear is about is what tire size can it fit. While getting bigger tires under your truck is one of the major advantages to lifting your truck, there are other factors you need to think about when lifting your truck. Like ride quality, safety, and towing. This is why we choose Rancho to lift our GMC 2500 HD 4 inches.
First off any lift over 4 inches is just over-kill if you still going to use your truck as a truck. If you are building a pure off-roader, mud truck or mall crawler fine go over 4 inches. We plan to use our truck as a truck for towing, hauling, and getting out of the city. When towing, we are not comfortable with those 12-inch drop hitches for towing anything over a bass boat. We wanted improved ride quality and fit 35-inch tires for better ground clearance off-road.
When we were researching which lift kit to go with Rancho’s kit stood out to us for a few reasons. The biggest selling point for us was the one-piece subframe that is used to lower the mounting locations of the lower a-arms. Most other kits on the market use a two-piece design. We are not engineers but this is the main component used to lift the truck, so you want it to be strong. By tieing the front mount to the rear mount of the a-arm by a one-piece subframe it makes for a much strong base. The second major selling point for us was the brace bars that bring support to the subframe off the transmission cross member. Two large DOM bars attached to the back of the subframe and run back to the cross member. These drop bracket lift kits put a lot of leverage on the suspension components and these brace bars really help to combat any hard hits that are taking and help pervert failures. We can tell by the construction and details of the Rancho lift kit that they spent a lot of time engineering this kit so it will last the life of the truck and provide that same safety and quality as it came from the factory.
With the Rancho brand behind this kit, we knew that it would ride better than the factory suspension. We run Rancho shocks on most of our vehicles because we love the ride they provide. With this 2500 we went with the Rancho RS9000XL shocks that have a small adjuster on the bottom of the shock that will all you to control the stiffness of the shock with a quick turn of the nob. During highway cruising, we set the at setting 1 or full counter clockwise. This provides a smooth comfortable ride quality. When we get into the mountains on winding roads we set it in the middle around 5, this firms up the shock to help reduce body roll. Then when we are towing or hauling weight setting 9 is great, or full clockwise. This really helps control the weight of the loads we haul.
Overall we have been very happy with this modification to our GMC 2500 HD. It allowed us to fit a set of 35 inch Toyo C/T tires with SOTA M-80 rims. Fully transforming the look and performance of this truck. With most lift kits, you worry about the truck being top heavy and adding body roll, but we are happy to say the Rancho 4″ lift with the Rancho RS9000XL does not give any extra body roll and with the shocks on 5 it handles better.
With any drop bracket lift kit, you should know that it is a major modification. It is very difficult to remove if you ever change your mind. It is not an installation you want to tackle yourself. It is about 8-10 hour installation for a professional. It requires cutting the mount on the top of your front differential and cutting a bracket off of the frame. Then welding on a plate on the part of the frame where the bracket was cut off. It is all worth the work in the end but you should be aware of all this.