Conceal and mount your pistol to any flat surface.

By Joel Moranton

There are all kinds of hillbilly ways to mount a pistol on a flat surface, like under a desk or on a cabinet door. We have seen everything screwed to surfaces from cloth straps, holsters, and even an old belt with a holster on it. Sure, I guess it is a cheap way of getting a job done, but when it comes to something that could be a life or death situation, I want to know it will work. I do not want to be reaching for that pistol and get it hung up on a strap, or rip the belt off the desk with the pistol still in the holster. While that might distract your offender, maybe even making him laugh, and you could even still shoot though the holster, I would rather just pull out the pistol cleanly, wouldn’t you?
Glock Store has a very easy and very tight way to amount your pistol to any flat surface. It is their Under Deck Concealment Plate made to fit their SERPA Lock Holster. It is a metal plate that the holster will bolt to and you can screw under your desk, workbench, or where ever you need it. The plate has countersunk screw holes, so nothing can snag on a screw head. This also gives a much cleaner install, if you are putting this in an area you might see from time to time. On the backside, you bolt through the plate into the SERPA holster. The bolts go in a radiused arc to allow you to angle the holster in the best way for your draw. These are also countersunk so the bolts do not interfere with the mounting of the plate. The end result is a very secure way to hide or mount a pistol anywhere you need it.
The holster that the Under Deck Concealment Plate is made to work with is a very cool design. It uses a clip to retain the pistol on the trigger guard. It is called the SERPA Lock Holster, but it does not lock as in needs a key or combo to release it. It simply holds the pistol into the holster by the trigger and will not pull out until you release the clip. It is a really nice design. The clip is released with your trigger finger. As you reach for your pistol your natural hand placement will put your finger right on the release and you can draw the pistol quickly. Not only is it quick and smooth, but it also allows for a full grip on the pistol while you are drawing. They have this holster available for a wide range of pistols, not just GLOCKS. We got ours for a Beretta 92FS. It fit the pistol snug and the release gives a smooth fluid draw.
To get your aluminum mounting plate with SERPA holster check out and use the promo code PLATE to get $10 off when you order the Under Deck Concealment Plate made with the SERPA Lock Holster.

Trucks & Guns Magazine and I would like to remind you that if you have small children in your home to please lock up your firearms in a safe.



On the backside of the aluminum plate you will find a counter sunk grove in the arc. This is where you will bolt the holster to the plate.

Here is the plate with the holster attached. You can change the angle of the holster depending on your needs.

The pistol fits into the modeled holster perfect.

With this plate you can now mount a pistol to any flat surface: under a table, workbench, inside a cabinet, or anywhere. We will be mounting ours on the bottom surface of this work bench. We just mounted the plate on the side for the photographs.

As you can see, the holster operates with a natural flow. Just grab the pistol and your finger will naturally hover over the release. Press down and draw the pistol.