Never lose your sunglasses again

By the staff of Trucks & Guns Magazine

We cannot tell you how many pairs of sunglasses we have lost or broken because they have fallen off the top of our hat. That’s because when taking them off, we tend to put them on top of our hat. Then when we would take off the hat for one reason or another our sunglasses would go flying, often landing in the mud or rocks, or getting scratched when they hit the ground. Even better is when you look down and you can watch as your sunglasses fall past your face. Then it is a game to test your reflexes: are you going to be able to catch them fast enough or did you just kill another pair? We fixed this problem by buying cheap sunglasses that we did not care about, but they are flimsy and not so great optically. Well G-Klipz has another option for all you to not break or lose your sunglasses because they have fallen off your hat.
This is another one of those products that is so simple it is brilliant. A simple, well-designed plastic clip tucks into your hat rim and sticks out the back. When you take off your sunglasses, just flip them over your hat and clip them into the G-Klip. Now you can take off your hat, look over a railing or do almost anything without worrying about your shades getting lost. After about six months of enjoy the G-Klipz the only disadvantage we have found would be when laying in the grass or leaning against a tree, you need to remember to remove your glasses or they will get in the way. 100% made in USA and $8.99 for one or $15.99 for two–it is hard to go wrong.


Sunglasses in the G-Klipz on the back of your hat.

To remove your shades from the G-Klipz simply pull the clip out a little and pull your sunglasses out.

How the G-Klipz looks with no sunglasses in it.