Canyon Coolers PROSPECTOR 100

The new canyon coolers® PROSPECTOR 100 Is as versatile as your outdoor pursuits If you dig the outdoors, then you need a reliable cooler that’ll fuel your adventures with ice-cold refreshments or provisions. For this reason, Canyon Coolers has created the uber-versatile, 100-quart Prospector cooler. Featuring exceptional ice-retention and unmatched durability, the new Canyon Prospector 100 proves as effective whether you’re exploring uncharted terrain in your ATV, headed for a multi-day rafting trip or sitting around the campfire. The basic platform of the Prospector 100 is key. It was designed to securely mount in a boat, utility trailer or vehicle. You can throw this cooler over any rail, roll bar or raft frame with 18-inch spacing and tie it off with the six built-in tie down slots. The cooler also accommodates over and under straps that will keep the unit in place when mounted to ATVs, flats boats and any other vehicle that will get you close to fish. Once you get the cooler mounted, you don’t have to worry about reaching the drain plug because Canyon designed two into this cooler … one on the front and one on the side. Both plugs are no-lose and recessed. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Prospector 100 is the customizable inside of the 103-quart chest. Four tiered baskets can be organized within the cooler. Drop a basket on the internal lower lip and load it full of food or drinks. Lift and rotate the basket and it perfectly fits an upper lip. Plus, there are two different divider slots to choose from, so you can keep your catch away from drinks, or segment daily meals for your camping trip with ease. The lid will be a favorite of anglers, as it is 3 inches thick and is a perfect casting platform for sight fishermen. Rubber feet on all white models keep the Prospector from slipping, while Australian-style burly skid plates on the non-white models make dragging and maneuvering very easy. Three cam lid latches make the cooler bear-proof and airtight. This not only adds to the ice retention, which is off-the-charts good, but keeps the seal spot-on and warp-free. Like the lid latches and drain plug, the heavy-duty rope handles are recessed to keep the cooler sleek and packable. The Prospector 100 weighs in at 40 pounds and features Huntsman High Density PU foam. Canyon Coolers is so confident in the performance of this product, it is backed by a lifetime warranty. Canyon Coolers is a manufacturer renown for creating ridiculously cold, seriously tough coolers that keep food and beverages cold for not just days, but weeks. Developed for river rafters venturing on multiple day trips, the company has developed and enhanced seals, latches and other innovations while maintaining heavy-duty durability and insulating capabilities. Today, Canyon Coolers are regularly used by hunters, anglers, rafters, outdoor enthusiasts — and essentially anyone whose adventures are fueled by seriously cold refreshments. To learn more about Canyon Coolers’ full-line of premium, ridiculously cold and seriously tough coolers, contact Canyon Coolers at 555 S. Blackbird Roost, Suite 6, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Telephone: 866-558-3267,