By Nick Chen

For a few years, CAA has made the Roni Carbine chassis. It is a shell that you install a handgun inside and turn the handgun into a shoulder fired carbine. They started with the Glock and made several other version to accommodate a wide range of handguns. However the main problem with the Roni Carbine is a uniquely American problem. Putting a stock on a handgun makes it a short barreled rifle, aka SBR. While an SBR is not exactly illegal, it does require NFA approval, a $200 Tax Stamp, and background check to convert a pistol into an SBR. Also travelling across state lines with an SBR is restricted unless your ask for permission from the ATF.

Earlier this year at Big 3 East, CAA announced a new version of the Roni Carbine, the Rifle Kit.  The Roni CG2 turns your Glock 17 into a bonafide rifle and satifies ATF’s definition of a rifle.



As you can see above, the Roni chassis is longer and comes with a 16″ barrel made by IGB Austria. You simply swap out your Glock 17 barrel for this 16″ barrel and when inserted inside the Roni CG2 chassis, the Glock is now a rifle. ATF defines a rifle with a few characteristics. The barrel must be over 16″ and the over all length of the rifle must be more than 26″.

Here is a video showing how to install the Roni CG2 onto a Glock 17.


The IGB 16″ barrel works just fine in the Glock even without the Roni Carbine chassis.


The IGB barrel also opens up many options for shouldering a Glock. As long as the gun has an OAL more than 26″, you can shoulder it. I am using the Everdays No Days Off Glock stock adapter.



The Roni CG2 kit retails for $592 on  You can find the kit cheaper on various websites. Now while the kit costs almost $600, remember it comes with a unique 16″ Glock barrel and that alone costs around $300 if you look at how much IGB charges for their barrels. So then the Roni chassis is only another $300.