By Cameron Nizdil

The Brass Stacker Rick Lowe No Drill sling showed up at my house about a week into the bear season. I was dead set on killing a spring bear with my mid-1980’s Winchester 30-30. I have the W-94 model intended for flat or a slightly curved butt stock. I did not want to drill holes into my rifle and the Brass Stacker provided the solution I was searching for. Getting a bear with my thirty meant I would need to be close, and since Montana does not allow bear baiting I would be putting many miles in carrying the gun. After a quick 3-minute installation, which consists of a few brass snaps and one Allen screw, I was off to the woods.
During this bear season, I carried the rifle 157 miles searching for that mythical 6.5 Montana bruin. I was at first skeptical about carrying a leather sling for long distances in less than sunny weather conditions, but its low profile design coupled with a lightweight rifle made for a comfortable carry. The wide and thick shoulder strap spread the load of the rifle on my shoulder, I barely even noticed its presence. The sling showed no obvious signs of wear at the end of the season except those exhibited by leather exposed to the weather. A quick coat of leather dressing restored the dry areas and left the sling looking brand new.
The Brass Stacker sling came with a bandolier style 30-30 round holder. Since my gun already holds six rounds I did not carry around those extra rounds. I did slide a few rounds in the holder for many miles just to test the retention of the rounds in the holder. The Brass Stacker holder proved to hold the rounds snug with no issues. In circumstances of weeklong backpacking trips it may be useful to bring large quantities of ammo, but for my short day or overnight trips I decided to leave the extra rounds at home. The leather is very thick and crafted with care, the rivets are set perfect with wide tight sticking for longevity. I can already tell I will be using this sling for many hunting seasons to come and it will out last synthetic slings. Aesthetically the Brass Stacker sling is gorgeous and is available in chocolate brown or saddle tan as I am using. There is also a choice of hardware colors to fit your style. The Winchester and sling flow together and looks like a custom sling from a top saddlery.
One great thing about this sling is that it makes no noise. While some of my other slings squeak, creak, or make obscene noises when rubbed against the rifle, this one made no noise from the time I placed it on the rifle. This is due to the high-quality craftsmanship of the sling as well as the pigskin inner liner that covers the hardware. The rifle has several pre-punched holes intended for adjustability of length to allow different sized users to enjoy the sling. I chose a length that allowed me to use it comfortably while walking but also to act as a support when shooting offhand. This is a great feature, especially when using iron sites.
When the rifle goes into my safe I simply detach the quick detach of the barrel mount and unclip the two butt stock clips and the rifle is ready to store or clean. The strap is not bulky at all when packing in the dark, it simply tucked right under my backpack straps. Once it was taken out it stayed comfortably on my shoulder for the day’s hunt. Hand-Made in America at a competitive price point. To find out more about Brass Stacker and the other sling designs they have available visit