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Approximately 1 in 36 homes will be burglarized this year in the US, and in 28% of those burglaries, someone will be home.

During these terrifying home invasions or other home defense emergencies, you must be able to access your home defense long gun quickly without the fear of children gaining undo access to guns the rest of the time.

Finally CHILD SAFE – QUICK ACCESS home defense long gun storage has arrived – the BoomDock® by BoomStix Home Defense.

The BoomDock (Patent Pending) will provide child-safe, quick access long gun storage for nearly any home defense shotgun or other long gun – in most configurations: Side Saddles, Optics or other gun mounted accessories are not a problem anymore. The user-friendly BoomDock® mounts easily to any flat surface and configures quickly to fit your home defense long gun in minutes, giving you the rapid access you want, AND the peace of mind you need. The BoomDock® by BoomStix HD:

  • Safely locks and stores your home defense shotgun or other long gun
  • Allows rapid access to your home defense long gun in under 3 seconds with the included RFID card (Also opens with a programmable 4 digit PIN)
  • Configures quickly and easily to hold many different long guns with a variety of accessories
  • Mounts to any flat surface – such as walls, doors and bedframes
  • Has a motion activated LED light to illuminate your keypad
  • Includes several safety features such as a steel pin that blocks the trigger from being pulled while your long gun is in the BoomDock®

When you’re not at home, store your guns in a gun safe, but when you are at home and could need your home defense long gun at any moment, while keeping it safe from children, store it with confidence in the BoomDock® by BoomStix Home Defense.

Website for purchase or more information:

MSRP: $289.00

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