The Venom 5 Rnd. Box Mag Kit transforms your Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun into a Sidewinder Venom mag-fed shotgun system. The Venom Kit delivers faster cycle times and reliable, lightning fast reloads. Go from empty to fully loaded in seconds — for the ultimate in home defense.

Kits are available for either 590 series or 500 & 88** Mossberg 12 gauge pump shotguns configured with 5/6 shot magazine tubes and 18.5″ barrels. See our shotgun compatibility guide to confirm your specific model.

Complete shotgun magazine conversion kit for at home installation includes 5 rnd. box magazine, forend with action bars, magazine tube, barrel clamp, forend grip, emery cloth and installation guide.

Additional 5 round box, 10 round box and 10 round drum magazines are available for sale separately. Venom Kit Installation Services are also available by our assembly technicians.



Start of Form Venom 5 Rnd Box Kit

Shotgun series

AT-05000 – 500/88 $199.99 USD

AT-05905 – 590 $199.99 USD


Designed for owner installation

Improved firearm versatility and performance

Durable polymer and alloy construction

Guaranteed reliable feeding

5 round Box magazine

Compatible with 12 gauge – 2.75″ ammunition Ambidextrous design