With the Presidency and both houses in Republican control, the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) has a great chance of being passed. For those of you who have not been paying attention for the past year, the HPA is something that should be a priority for many of us. The American Silencer Association has been lobbying for the past few years to legalize suppressors for hunting in most states. That has given them a foothold and they are striving to get the HPA passed. If it does, Suppressors will be removed from NFA status and no longer require a lengthy wait time and no more $200 for a Tax Stamp.

I am already salivating at the idea of being able to purchase suppressors like a regular firearm and buy them ala carte. Right now my focus is set on pistol calibers since I shoot those the most. I already have a SilencerCo Osprey 45 in jail right now awaiting my Tax Stamp. But I was curious to see if a .45acp can is a compromise to a dedicated 9mm can.


Silencer Shop sent me three cans to test. AAC Illusion 9, Griffin Armament Resistance 9 and their Resistance 45. The Illusion 9 is a bit different. It is an offset can similar to the Osprey 45. While the Illusion 9 is still round, the body of the can sits offset to the bore of the gun.

I wanted to test two cans that were the same so the Resistance 9 and Resistance 45 were the perfect pair to test.

The Resistance 9 and 45 are similar but as you can see in the photo below they are different.


The Resistance 9 has only five baffles whereas the Resistance 45 has seven baffles. The Resistance 9 is 6.8″ long compared to the Resistance 45 at 7.9″.  That is 1.1″ in length difference. The shrouds are the same diameter and both can take the same endcaps and booster assembly.

What that means is, you can buy a 9mm end cap and put it onto the Resistance 45 and shoot 9mm out of it. I tried this but I did not notice a significant difference in noise suppression when shooting 9mm sub sonic.

If you have been paying attention, the Resistance 9 does not have the same baffles as the Resistance 45, they are narrower on the 9. So even if you put a 45 end cap on the end of the Resistance 9, you would destroy your can trying to shoot .45acp through it.

The Resistance 45 is only $749, just $50 more than the Resistance 9.  Given the fact that you can shoot .45acp, .40s&w and 9mm ammo through it, I feel that the Resistance 45 is a better bang for your buck in terms of suppressing multiple calibers.

Here is a video of me testing the different cans.