The Many Ways to Multi-Mag

The storage space inside expensive gun safes is precious, especially for collectors who are looking to squeeze as much gear in as possible. Gun Storage Solutions new Multi-Mags are designed to utilize wasted space in and alongside a gun safe or unsuspecting locations throughout the home. There are many ways to use a Multi-Mag, but here are the most popular:

Store semi-automatics and magazines under a shelf – one strip (two magnets) per gun & half strip (one magnet) per magazine.

Securely lean barrels against the side of a gun safe when you need an extra hand.

Fold over and snap tethered magnets together, creating a loop to hold accessories.

Multi-Mags are double-sided so they will snap easily to a metal surface, no installation required. Also, Multi-Mags will install easily to a wood surface using a staple gun. The soft-grip coating extends out into tabs on each side of the magnet, where two staples can be applied for proper hold.

Each magnet is sheathed in a protective soft-grip rubber coating. In a package you will receive 2 magnet strips – one strip tethers two magnets together as a pair. Easily divide them with scissors to separate the magnets or keep them joined together for extra strength and versatility.

Multi-Mags do more than just lay flat. Fold the paired magnets together to clamp something like a stack of paper targets and hang it alongside your safe. When folded, Multi-Mags create a loop for hanging accessories like binoculars with a strap. Use your imagination and you’ll find many ways to Multi-Mag.

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Multi-Mag angle view Multi-Mags handgun_mags_undershelf Multi-Mags on_truck